Who we are

The Keystone Ankuram.

The Keystone ANKURAM is a school, Founded on love for children.

We are an educational initiative from The Shalaka Foundations comprising of passionate educators who have between them, over 50 years of experience in the education domain.

It is located at a campus near Handewadi Chowk protected from hurried living and close to nature surrounded by a huge variety of flora and fauna.

The Keystone ANKURAM is a new age school following the CBSE pattern and guidelines where we believe in an education that is forming, life giving and nourishing.

The Keystone ANKURAM is what school should be: a safe, positive and friendly learning environment where students are excited to learn, and where open communication, engaging, compassionate teachers, bright and airy classrooms, and a differentiated curriculum encourage students to thrive.

It’s a special place where we empower children to become the best version of themselves, and where fitting in is about being yourself.

Equipped with spacious and excellent infrastructure, facilities and amenities amidst nature……The Keystone ANKURAM is committed to providing excellent opportunities to the young learners.