Why TKA?


Empowering learners with competence and passion for lifelong learning to impact the community.


Instill a love for learning by creating an environment where every student has an equal opportunity to develop to their full potential, be empowered with confidence to become 21st century thinkers and change makers.

Our Core Values

Building Trust & Relationships.

Learning & Growth

Personalized education

Innovation & continuous improvement.

Safe & nurturing, environment

Strong partnership between the child, school, family and community.

Our Goals

Provide a caring, inclusive environment that meets every child’s unique needs.

Belief in each and every child’s ability to succeed.

Intense focus on child centered growth and holistic development.

Work for Continuous development, improvement, and growth for all.

Building positive relationships, a collaborative culture, and a growth mindset.

Integrity, transparency, and accountability.